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  • You are always playing against a human opponent - either via the matchmaking system or against specific other users in private games!
  • Personal player profile with detailed statistics!
  • Customize your own blobby!
  • Blobby TV - Watch the games of other players live, learn from them and chat with other spectators!
  • Every second day is a tournament day: Here you can compete in up to three knockout tournaments (5pm, 7pm und 9pm UTC) with up to 16 players and fight for the trophies!
  • Collect stars, diamonds, tournament points & mirror points and move up in various rankings (all-time, season)!
  • Train in the playground mode and set a new highscore in the mirror mode!
  • Community: Chat, Private messaging, friend list, forums
  • Based on the freeware classic Blobby Volley, but extending the gameplay by several features such as extra-items like in Mario Kart!
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